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Many times in real estate we need signatures fast and there is no scanner or fax machine available.  Here in Las Vegas, we also have many out of state clients that can't visit our office easily.  In those cases, we would use Docusign for electronic signatures.  However, even though electronic signatures are legal Nevada, some banks  and institutions do not accept them.  When we cant use Docusign, we use PDF Expert and an iPad or iPhone as an alternative to get signatures quickly.

Here is a quick how to guide to get signatures on PDF expert.

The first step is to purchase the app from the Apple App store (sorry, PDF expert is not yet available for Android, Windows or Blackberry yet). Even though it is $9.99, PDF Expert is an app that most of our clients don't mind paying for because it saves them time and effort when trying to get documents signed.

Now that you have the app downloaded, you can easily sign any PDF document.  In this case, I will assume that the document has been emailed to you.  In that case, just open up the document using the PDF Expert App by clicking and holding on the link or on the document itself. You will see a window pop up like this.

Once it is opened, just look for the place that the signature is required and press your finger there for about a second.  Once you do that you will see a bar show up that has many options - one of which is "signature".

Press that button and  select 'Customer Signature".  Once that option is selected, you will see a new window pop up for your signature.  Just sign using your finger and click on the DONE button. Once the signatures are complete, you can print, copy or send via email.

I hope that this helps you.


Written by Jimmy Chickey

This Blog republished with the permission of the author.  Originally published at www.activerain.com

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