Here are some tips that will help you apply the “human touch” to your offer.


If you want to bolster your offer by adding the ‘human touch”’ to it, here are the three tips you must remember. 


First and foremost, write a personal letter to the seller. Tell them how much you love their home, and be relatable. Talk about how the house is perfect for your family (e.g., “I can imagine my son riding his bicycle through the cul de sac”). Your vision for the home could remind them of why they bought it in the first place. If you’re a VA buyer, mentioning your military service may also have a positive impact on a seller’s mind, especially if they’ve served in the Armed Forces too. 


Additionally, cite your common interests. If you saw a stack of golf clubs in the garage and you play golf too, tell them about it. If the seller likes you, they may decide that they want you to have the home. I’ve had clients write personal letters so strong, they won the home even though they didn’t make the highest offer; the seller simply wanted them to have the home. Besides telling them who you are, show them by including a picture of your family. 


Tell them how much you love their home, and be relatable.


Second, be accommodating with the closing date. Perhaps the seller needs more time to pack up and move or to extend the escrow period slightly. You could even lease the property back to them after the closing so they have more time to transition between homes. 


Lastly, be willing to buy furniture or let people leave unwanted items. Pool tables, for example, are a common item that pops up. A lot of people own pool tables but don’t want the hassle of moving them to their next property. They’re still valuable, though, so if you agree to buy the pool table along with the house, that could make your offer more valuable. The same logic applies to any large furniture or lawn items. If you agree to remove or dispose of these items, that’s one less thing the seller has to worry about. 


If you’d like to know more about how to make your offer more personally appealing, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you. Also, stay tuned for my next video where I’ll talk about how to strengthen your offer through financing and contract terms.