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Many real estate agents in Las Vegas and Henderson follow what we call "The Three P's."

Put it on the MLS
Put up a sign
Pray to the East

Our guess is that at least 70% of agents do just that and it makes all real estate agents look bad.  We find no pleasure in hearing the stories our clients share with us about how they couldn't get their home sold and it cost them thousands.  At the Jim Fong Group, we have created a complete system to get your home in front of as many eyes as possible.  In todays world, that means online exposure.

We start by getting your listing on all brokerage websites like Keller Williams and the major national portals like Zillow.  This, of course, includes our Las Vegas website and most local real estate websites - even our competitor's websites.

The next step is to get on the first page of Google for those terms that your home buyers might use to search for your home using one of our many websites.  For instance "las vegas homes for sale".  How do we do that?  It's easy, through a system of organically created content and targeted keyword purchase,  Google has shown that they love the Jim Fong Group.


It is all a part of our multi-faceted approach to selling your home.  This also includes social media, online classifieds, Youtube videos and a team of professions, proactively prospecting to find buyers for your home.

Which approach do you think gets better results?

If your asking  "Whats my Las Vegas Home Worth" or "Can you help me sell my Las Vegas home" call us at 702-430-6168.  Making that call is the first step to getting you the most cash back to you when selling your home.  


Call us at 702-430-6168 today for information on selling your home!


Marketing Plan For Listings


We Start With Internet Marketing

Statistics show that over 90% of home buyers begin their search online before they ever talk to a real estate agent. An even more interesting number is that 37% of all buyers actually found the home they purchased first online. This is a massive number and it is the first time in history there has been a source greater than the real estate agent in finding the property.
Since that's where the buyer's are the majority of our time, effort, and money is spent marking your property online. We've learned there are five avenues to effectively market your property online to showcase your property to the most buyers and get it sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.



#1 National Portals

There's probably more than 500 different portals at this point. Our team subscribes to a service that allows us to make sure your property is showcased on ALL OF THEM across the nation. National portals are things like Trulia, Zillow,, Activerain,, etc. 

#2 Search Engines

If someone typed in "Homes For Sale In Your Community" it's safe to assume they already have an idea of where they want to live. They probably have a job close by and they're probably already familiar with the price points within that community. 

#3 Classified Services

These are services like Craigslist, Oodle, Kijiji, etc. Most agents will post a few pictures with a brief description. We've found that buyer's don't want to be bothered with sifting through thousands of homes that do not meet their criteria. Our team operates under the assumption that most people have an idea of the specific area they would like to live so we take the time to post information about specific communities and show them all homes for sale within each community. This strategy keeps them on our website longer because the information is move valuable for a serious buyer.

#4 Social Media 

Our team believes social media, and relationships via social media, is changing the landscape of the entire internet and taking business back to the way our grandparents did business. The days where a business can provide a lousy service and/or a product are gone. Social media affords us the opportunity to share reviews, feedback, and performance of any business with the entire world with a click of a button.
Our marketing plan allows us to Tweet information about your community and property, share relevant market information with the "fans" of our Facebook Business Page, run ads on Facebook, post videos of your property on YouTube, and share images of your property and community on Pinterest and other social sharing sites. 


Offline Marketing Efforts

Although the internet is a powerful source used to find buyers for your property our marketing plan is set up to include these additional offline marketing strategies.

Real Estate Agents

Our team understands that in order for your home to sell we must sell it twice. First, we must sell it to buyer's via the internet and then we must "sell" it to other real estate agents who have pre-qualified buyer's that are already out looking for properties. This is why when we list a property the first thing we do is let every real estate agent that is active with the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors know that your home is on the market, what the price is, why they should take their buyer's to see it, and the details of your home and it's key features. 

Real Estate Yard Signs

Statistics show 15% of all clients found the actual home they purchased through signs, flyers, and other onsite advertising. Because this is a substantial portion of the buyer market our plan allows us to create signage and flyers that make the phone ring. This will get people inside your home.

Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards

Although print media is responsible for less than 3% of all listings being sold last year we've found success finding buyer's for our listings by mailing just listed and just sold postcards to the neighborhoods where we are doing business. As it turns out, when a home owner likes their neighborhood they're likely to recommend it to their friends and family and they will let them know when something comes up for sale.

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